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Anyone heard of a book titled S=k ln W ?

  1. Jan 6, 2013 #1
    Anyone heard of a book titled "S=k ln W"?


    An old prof. of mine suggested an SM book he read in grad school that was titled "S=k ln W". He didn't remember the author, but said it was pretty short (~100 pages) and was a really good read for a grad class in SM. I've been trying to find this book, but no luck so far, I can't even find any mention of it online. Anyone heard of this book or possibly know who the author is?


    P.S. He is german, so there is a chance that this book might have been in german and could have been published under another name in english.
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    Re: Anyone heard of a book titled "S=k ln W"?

    What do you mean by SM, Statistical Mechanics.
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    Re: Anyone heard of a book titled "S=k ln W"?

    Other than the equation being the work of Ludwig Boltzmann, and him being a bit of a big cheese in the field of statistical mechanics I can't help. I've done a quick google and I can't find a list of Boltzmann's publications, but maybe this was something of his?
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