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Anyone know a good forum for Economics?

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    Similar to this one, but for Economics where you can get help with Homework, assignments, theories you don't understand, diagrams etc...

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    I had looked around a while back via a google search, unfortunately I did not really find anything that looked promising.
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    Yeah it was hard to found but i have found one now ;)
    This place is still awesome for maths questions though.
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    Could you please share? I am now reading some materials on bankrupcy problems and game theory in Talmud, and have some
    problems understanding the division part. Couldn't find any promising forums.
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    According to his profile, JoshMaths was "last seen: Jun 3, 2013", i.e. two and a half years ago.
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    Maybe, he still receives email alerts. It would be great to get help on my issue.
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