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Anyone knows website about vector calculus

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    I want vector calculus formulae tables, such as

    [tex]\mathbi{a}\times(\mathbi{b}\times\mathbi{c}) = \mathbi{b}(\mathbi{a} \cdot \mathbi{c} ) - \mathbi{c} (\mathbi{a}\cdot \mathbi{b})[/tex]


    [tex]\nabla \cdot (\mathbi{a} \times \mathbi{b}) = \mathbi{b} \cdot (\nabla \times \mathbi{a}) - \mathbi{a} \cdot (\nabla \times \mathbi{b})[/tex]

    Does anyone know a page notating such formalae? It will help much. I don't need calculator, but formulae.

    I used to use http://www.plasma.uu.se/CED/Book but it's down now.

    Thanks in advance.
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