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Anyone reccomend any free Typing Software

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    ...that makes it at all fun or goofy? I use a free program now... but it is so mundane :yuck:

    Anyone have any good experiences?
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    What do you mean by typing software?
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    Oh yeah. I mean "teach me how to type" software. Sorry :smile: I NEED to learn how to type properly (without looking).

    Anyone use any cool tutorials or games or what-have-yous?
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    Chat all day, all the time. It will come.

    Just like using a remote without looking.
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    I don't know. I am 29 and I still can't type. And since I am in school= no time for chat :frown:

    Plus, when I do chat, I just look anyway... I don't have the patience when I am chatting to not look at the keyboard. But if it is structured... I can deal.
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    Place your fingers on the little tabs at the keyboard. You're pointing fingers on each hand go on the respective tabs. The rest is just muscle memory from practice. Hit the enter key with your right hand pinky. Hit the space bar with your left thumb. Hit caps lock, tab and shift with your left pinky. It will come with time. I typed this without looking at the keyboard.
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