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Anyone(s) want to team up in covering a many-body book?

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    Hi. Does anyone(s) want to join me in reading a many-body (cond-matter field theory) book? I find it difficult to stay motivated if I'm doing it on my own. Something like read a section or two each week, discuss questions with each other, and work on some of the problems as a team. Never tried this before, so logistics are kind of an open question. Maybe Skype.

    Was thinking one of:
    Condensed Matter Field Theory by B. Simons and A. Altland
    Quantum Many Particle Systems by Negele and Orland
    Quantum Theory of Many Particle Systems by Fetter and Walecka

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    Dr Transport

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    Start a thread with your thoughts and see how far it goes. I might be interested in working along... first pick a book and let us know.
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    Allright then. I'm going with QMPS by Negele and Orland, because I've already read the 1st chapter (long ago, I'll need to review it) and because it favors clarity over clever arguments.

    Message me if anyone wants to work together on one of the more interesting chapter problems next Saturday by live chat or skype (more for picture of equations really). A test run too. Might be some initial hurdles. Hopefully there are some takers. I realize it's not an easy topic.
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