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ANYS Static Structural, How to simulate 'ground ?

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    ANYS Static Structural, How to simulate 'ground"?

    Hello all, first post.

    I'm having trouble simulating a fixed support in only ONE direction.

    For example, imagine a gigantic frame laid on the ground and you wanted to see the forces deflect from pulling up on one corner, (the ground acts as a constraint)

    ie. I'm trying to fix something in that it can't go through the ground, but is able to deflect upward.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: ANYS Static Structural, How to simulate 'ground"?

    I would start by making one of the edge fixed and then applying force on the other edge as required. If this is a 1D problem, i would make one of the nodes fixed and applying force to the other node.
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