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Homework Help: AP PHYSICS ~ FLUIDS ~ A cube of osmium with a volume of

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    A cube of osmium with a volume of 166 cm³ is placed in fresh water. The cube's apparent weight is 35.0 N. What is the density of osmium?

    This is what I did:

    I converted force to mass by : 35 N / 9.8 = 3.57 kg

    then changed the 166 cm³ to m³ which is : .000166 m³

    After that i divided the mass and the volume: (3.57 kg)/(.000166 m³)

    And so I got the density as 21506 kg/m³

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    What did you do with the Archimedes principle/force ?
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    Your conversion from cm^3 to m^3 was off, it's actually 1.66m^3, you move it two decimal places to the left.
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    That is correct, and iilego's post #3 is wrong.

    The question says "the cube was placed in fresh water". You haven't used that information anywhere. What difference does it make if the cube is in water or in air?
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    cm equals .01 meters, which is two decimal places to the left, am I wrong? I never mentioned anything about the answer, just that his conversion was off on the volume.
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    If 1 cm = 0.01 m, then (1 cm)^3 = 1 cm^3 = (0.01 m)^3 = 10^(-6) m^3

    1m^3 is rather a large volume
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    never mind, I was wrong, the conversion was right, sorry :(
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