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  1. S

    Fluid mechanics help -- Fluid transfer between two reservoirs at different heights

    A reservoir supply tunnel transfers water from a high level storage reservoir via a 200mm diameter pipe to a lower intermediate reservoir. The total height difference between the free surfaces of each reservoir is 76 m. The pipe is 700 m long and the coefficient of friction, Cf is 0.009. The...
  2. Y

    Engineering Find out the percent exergy loss

    Problem, with state values, and pie chart (Fig 4.20) showing answers: ^ This shows the system in question (Kapitza Liquefaction System). Methane gas enters into the compressor (c), then goes through the first heat exchanger (HX1). Some of it (z) gets routed to the expander (exp). Afterwards...
  3. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics Fluid Mechanics Textbooks

    Can anyone suggest me a Fluid Mechanics textbook? I am currently in High School in my Junior Year. I am looking for a entry-level textbook so I will be able to solve I.E. Irodov's Hydrodynamics section. (My Mathematics is quite strong)
  4. CheesyPeeps

    Force on side of tank filled with liquid of variable specific weight

    Homework Statement: An open tank with a rectangular side 1 m wide and 4 m high is filled with a liquid of variable specific weight, γ, with γ = 50 + 2y (N/m3), where y is measured vertically downward from the free surface. Find the magnitude of the force on the side of the tank. Homework...
  5. George5356

    Dynamic Viscosity in Reynolds Number

    I am trying to run a calculation to work out the overall heat transfer coefficient of an arbitrary ten plate exchanger where the fluid is not determined using Re=puD/mu where mu is dynamic viscosity. When mu is such a strong function of temperature how should I determine which valye to use, say...
  6. C

    Calculating the force from a pump + nozzle system

    I am attempting to calculate the force (in KgF) of a water pump + nozzle system. I have the pump curve (head vs. flow rate) for the pump, the diameter of the connection hose (2 inches) and the nozzle diameter (1 inch). The connection hose between the pump and nozzle is very short (approx 10 cm)...
  7. R

    Fluids doubt

    what does it mean that fluid cannot sustain a force that is tangential to its surface.which surface fluids's surface or container? and what does it mean it cannot withstand shearing stress.what's shearing stress and what does it mean here.and why exert force only in direction perpendicular to...
  8. G

    I Pressure in fluids

    I'm looking for a conceptual understanding of pressure in fluid. According to what I've gathered, in static fluid, the pressure at any point in the fluid depends on the depth within the fluid, because there is more fluid weighing down on an object the deeper into the fluid it is. However, for...
  9. L

    Sinking a cylinder with varying hole sizes

    I'm trying to write up some theory for this experiment I'm carrying out. I'll be changing the radius of the hole at the bottom of the cylinder, and I think the time taken for the cylinder to completely submerge is inversely proportional to the size of the hole. Problem is that I'm stuck at...
  10. J

    Filling a long tube by submerging it in fluid

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a first-year college assingment and need some help with it. I need to figure out how deep does a tube, initially filled with air, need to be submerged into water in order get fully filled, meaning in order for the air to be fully displaced by water. The tube is 1/2...
  11. S

    Help with Bernoulli's equation for a central heating system

    so far I have found the velocity 1 and 2 by dividing the volume flow rate over the area which I got from pi x dia squared/4 my v1 = 1.01859m/s and v2= 2.82942m/s i have then figured out a pressure for the 15mm pipe which i got an answer of 2.71 bar however i am stuck on the rest of the question...
  12. flamephoenix15

    How would you calculate how deep an object would go in water?

    Homework Statement So given a ball, radius r, mass m ,an a known height y from the surface the ball is dropped from, how would you calculate the depth the ball goes to in water (including the water it displaces), with the density of the ball less than the density of water. Ignore surface...
  13. C

    Air Displacement Pressure

    I am struggling with what seemed to be a simple problem and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to determine the amount of pressure created when air is displaced buy gasoline flowing into a tank. The gas enters the tank at 10gpm. The entrance has a diameter of 1.5" and the vent has a...
  14. C

    I Babies upside down

    Although this has biology in it, I still think it qualifies more as a physics question. If you take person and hang them upside-down long enough, blood will pool in their head and they will eventually die because of the pressure on their brain. I know that in the uterus, an unborn baby is...
  15. V

    Buoyant force on a submerged body

    Homework Statement A hemispherical portion of radius R is removed from the bottom of a cylinder of radius R. The volume of the remaining cylinder is V and its mass is M. It is suspended by a string in a liquid of density ρ where it stays vertical. The upper surface of the cylinder is at a depth...
  16. Moayd Shagaf

    I Water flow over a pipe

    suppose a water falling from pipe that above the ground with 5 meters, what is the equation that describe the level of water ( h) from pipe the hole at every moment of time? consider the pipe hole is circle .
  17. N

    Fluid Mechanics: Choosing a fuel line diameter for a required pressure drop

    Homework Statement [/B] Homework Equations - The pressure drop equation. [/B] The Attempt at a Solution
  18. thepikminman

    Fluid Mechanics - Why? How? Why?

    Hi, I've been studying fluid mechanics for my mech. engineering degree for the past few months. Unlike my other subjects (mechanical analysis, thermodynamics, automated systems, mechanical vibrations), I can't seem to grasp the problem-solving technique. The annoying thing is, I find the...
  19. S

    Confusion about Bernoulli's Equation & Airplane Wing

    Hi, I'm a little confused about the theory behind this problem related to fluids/Bernoulli's equation: "An airplane wing is designed so that the speed of the air across the top of the wing is 251 m/s when the speed of the air below the wing is 225 m/s. The density of the air is 1.29 kg/m3...
  20. H

    Fluid Statics- u-tube displacement

    Homework Statement A uniform U-tube is partially filled with water (ρH20 = 1000 kg/m3). Oil, of density 750 kg/m3, is poured into the right arm until the water level in the left arm rises 30 mm. The length of the oil column is then: (Answer: 40mm) Homework Equations P = pgh Pressure = density...
  21. Gabriel Ulisses

    B What property of a fluid determinates rising and sinking Velocities

    If we have a bottle with a fluid A of X density, and in the bottom of this bottle it magically spawns the same amount of fluid B with X/2 density, fluid B should rise in fluid A until they both change positions and fluid B floats in A. Wich property of the fluids are the ones that determinates...
  22. P

    Friction between cart and a surface covered with a liquid?

    << Thread moved from the technical forums so no Homework Help Template is shown >> Hello, I'm attempting an experiment where I take a cart and slide it down a ramp. Each time, I will coat the ramp with a different liquid. I want to compare the effects of the dry ramp, a ramp with water poured...
  23. Mike Dacre

    I Speed and pressure relative to a piston (fluids)

    I am studying for the MCAT and I got an interesting question from a Kaplan book: 15. A water tower operator is interested in increasing the pressure of a column of water that is applied to a piston. She hopes that increasing the pressure will increase the force being applied to the piston. The...
  24. S

    Assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium in a fluid

    Moving fluids are generally in a state of non-equilibrium. However, in fluid dynamics, people generally assume a state of local thermodynamic equilibrium and argue that in such a condition, equilibrium thermodynamic concepts such as pressure, temperature, entropy, internal energy etc. can be...
  25. L

    Basic Fluids Viscosity question

    1. piston having a diameter of D = 5.48 in. and a length of L = 9.50 in. slides downward with a velocity V through a vertical pipe. The downward motion is resisted by an oil film between the piston and the pipe wall. The film thickness is δ = 0.002 in., and the cylinder weighs W = 0.5 lb...
  26. ryanuser

    Fluids Lab Report

    Homework Statement I have to write a report based on an experiment I conducted with the class in the school lab. The experiment was about orifice plate meter and venturi meter (both to measure rate of flow of fluids; this is an introductory fluids mechanics module I am studying). The...
  27. RMalt

    Evaluate Problems using fluid dynamics

    I have a diagram similar to the following. Water entering the larger end is at 20degreesC. The larger end has a diameter of 8cm and Area 50.26cm2. The small side has a diameter of 3cm and Area 7.0685cm2. The water jet exerts a force of 87N on a flat plate at an unknown distance. Assuming no...
  28. EMP

    Conceptual fluids question

    Homework Statement It's not a homework exercise, it's more of a conceptual question to help my understanding of the subject. Imagine that you have a glass of height H filled with a fluid with density ro and viscosity eta. There is a hole somewhere on a side of the glass, at a height h relative...
  29. G

    When will the house be flooded?

    Homework Statement [/B] A simplified schematic of the rain drainage system for a barn is shown in the figure. Rain falling on the slanted roof runs off into gutters around the roof edge; it then drains through several downspouts (only one is shown) into a main drainage pipe M below the...
  30. ramzerimar

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the 4th semester, and I've been thinking about what specializations I should pursue after I get my bachelor's degree. I've always find mechatronics (control and automation) to be quite fun. I've developed some projects using Arduino and studied a little...