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Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Business Problems

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    Hello everyone!

    Searching for applications of artificial neural networks (ANNs) to real world problems, all I found were applications to computer science problems (e.g. face recognition, OCR, automated control of systems and machines etc.) and some very experimental works (e.g., crime forecast, traffic jam forecast etc.), besides some medical developments (e.g. automatic diagnosis).

    Is anyone aware of any attempt to apply this technology to common problems of common companies and industries? I mean, is there any ANN-solution to problems in the field of human resources, sales forecast, product development, marketing research, and other things like that?

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    You may not find much public information on this.

    A prof a couple of decades ago who attended conferences where neural networks were discussed said roughly "We started noticing new people showing up at meetings, asking questions about how to apply these to business, things like that. Soon there was some excitement, descriptions of how these people were applying this and early results they were seeing. Then it went completely dark and none of them would say what they were doing, who they worked for or even who they were. We assumed that meant they realized there was profit to be made."
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