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A&E Networks (stylized as A+E NETWORKS) is an American multinational broadcasting company that is a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company through its General Entertainment Networks division. The company owns several non-fiction and entertainment-based television brands, including its namesake A&E, History, Lifetime, FYI, and their associated sister channels, and holds stakes in or licenses their international branches.

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  1. Lay1

    Series-Parallel Circuits (R/2R Ladder Networks)

    This is the figure given by the question. Here is the redraw of above circuit. What I request to ask are: 1. Is my redraw is correct or not? 2. The Vout asked in the question is referred to the voltage after passing throgh R8? Thank you for your answers.
  2. A

    Neural networks as mathematical models of intelligence

    Why do almost all people not think that neural networks are the mathematical model of intelligence? I briefly explain what I understand: -A neuron is a mathematical object that takes numerical inputs from other nearby neurons, applies a nonlinear function (combining the input with numbers...
  3. V

    Mathematica Neural networks in Wolfram Mathematica

    Hello, I have a question about the use of functions and overall creation of neural networks in the Wolfram Mathematica (WM) program. I wonder if it is realistic to make meaningful neural networks usable at least partially for scientific research in WM? By scientific research, I do not mean the...
  4. H

    I Spin networks: what exactly is a trivalent node?

    Hi Pfs Rovelli defines spin networks in this paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1004.1780 for a trivalent node Vn = 0 (the volume) nodes begin to "get" volume with the four valent case. take a cube or a tetrahedron, each vertex is linkes to 3 nodes so they would have a null volume. things are...
  5. H

    I What does recoupling mean?

    Hi Pfs My question is not technical. I found papers about recoupling theories about spin networks. i see what they are about but why this word "recoupling"? Was there before a decoupling and recoupling whar?
  6. H

    A Spin networks with different intertwiners

    Hi Pfs Spin networks are defined by the way their links and their nodes are equipped with SU(2) representations and intertwiners. Could you give an example of two different spin networks with the same number of nodes, links between them, the same coloring of the links (and their orientations)...
  7. H

    A What do you think of this definition of Spin Networks?

    Hi Pfs i found a paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/math-ph/0306059 in which the author gives a definition of spin networks it is at the bottom of page 5 the words node or vertex does not appear. what do you think of it? Does the author think that all the information is in the hilbert spaces on which...
  8. M

    MHB Neural Networks : Which stock has the biggest increase ?

    Hey! 😊 On 20.06.2022 we have 1 million dollars for 10 days, so until 30.06.2022, and we want to increase the capital through shares. (The data of the shares can be found on finance.yahoo.com) So we want to check which stock has the biggest increase in this period. So we have to use the...
  9. jedishrfu

    Python GPT-3 Networks and Products

    On a slightly different note, has anyone seen the GPT3 networks coming out as products to help copywriters: - jarvis.ai --> jasper.ai (Disney complained about the name) - copy.ai (I signed up for this one) The basic theme is you supply some text describing what you'd like the AI to write and...
  10. Borg

    Python Understanding Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) Tutorials & Examples

    I've been reading various articles on Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) for the last month or so. In particular, I have been focusing on the tutorials in A Blitz Introduction to DGL. I made it through all of the tutorials OK but I'm having trouble understanding certain aspects of GNNs. I'm also...
  11. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Confusions about Hopfield neural networks -- Questions about this solved example

    I am from Nepal and instead of asking us code, these are types of questions that are asked in our country examination system. IDK what's their purpose. But some of them are badly hard as there are not many examples about it in textbook(In Nepal we can't get the textbook reference that the...
  12. S

    Quantum Tensor networks and tensor algebra

    I'm looking for literature recommendations regarding tensor networks. I never came across singular value decomposition or spectral decomposition in my linear algebra classes, so I need to brush up on the relevant mathematical background as well.
  13. f95toli

    Set subnet mask to allow connections to two different class c networks

    These days most measurement instruments in m,y lab are controlled via an ethernet connection. In my lab the PCs that control the experiments therefore have two network cards: one is used of "normal" internet/intranet access the other is set to static IP address (typically 192.168.0.x) and is...
  14. F

    Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks with CNNs

    Hello, I have been learning about convolutional neural networks (CNNs) recently and wonder if I could get some help with a specific question: Assume we start with an input grayscale image having size NxN pixels. The image is passed to the 1st convolutional layer which has 3 filters (kernels) of...
  15. S

    Prob/Stats Any good math-theory-focused books on neural networks and data science?

    Hi. I'm looking for books on data science, preferably leaning towards neural networks, that focus on mathematical rigor. For example, theorems on optimization, minimum number of layers to accomplish a task efficiently, etc. Most books I've seen seem to hand wave this stuff. Anyone know any juicy...
  16. A

    A Are all quantum computers feedforward networks?

    Hi! I am trying to understand how advanced quantum computers have in fact become as well as how advanced they can in principle become. To probe these issues, I am asking the group whether or not quantum computers are restricted to feedforward processing, both currently and in principle? Here is...
  17. J

    Difference between abstraction layers and modularisation

    I understand abstraction to be the process of representing a system, concept or process in simple terms, leaving out finer details which may obfuscate the bigger picture. My understanding of layers of abstraction is that it refers to different depths of understanding of a concept where each...
  18. S

    Thoughts on neural networks "discovering" physical concepts

    (sorry i post this here now because i didn't know about this sub forum earlier) I came across an interesting paper from which I'll quote parts of the intro: and the conclusion: obviously the authors are more competent in Physics than I am - so are most PF member. what are your opinions on...
  19. S

    Thoughts on neural networks "discovering" physical concepts

    I came across an interesting paper from which I'll quote parts of the intro: and the conclusion: obviously the authors are more competent in Physics than I am - so are most PF member. what are your opinions on this? can the work of these authors "discover" physical laws in any way or is the...
  20. S

    Applied Maths of Neural Networks -- books and papers?

    Does anyone know any good up to date books on the mathematics of neural networks? If you know any good research papers that would be cool too. I've read through "Intro to the theory of neural computation" by John Hertz but it's a 1991 book. I'm looking for generalized theorems on...
  21. N

    Question about electrical networks

    Suppose we have a connected electrical network with only resistors. We also assume that each vertex is connected to at least ##k## vertices, where ##k\geq2##. Suppose all resistors in the network has resistance between 1 and 2. Suppose we flow 1 unit of current from vertex ##a## to vertex ##b##...
  22. T

    [Neural Networks] Classification of a sick brain

    Hi, i have a dataset with MRI of patients with a specific disease that affects the brain and another dataset with MRI of healthy patients. I want to create a classifier (using neural networks) to classify if the MRI of a new patient show the presence of the ill or not. First of all, i...
  23. P

    Neural Networks Question about the Hebbs and Delta Rule

    Good afternoon, I am currently working on Neural Networks and I am reading an introduction by Jeff Heaton (Neural Networks in Java). Now there are two tasks there whose solutions interest me. The first task is about applying the Hebbs rule. In the book it is given wrong because of a typo but I...
  24. Lauren1234

    Proving Spectrums: K6-$\lambda$I Matrix Trace

    This is my solution so far however I’m not sure where to go from here I think it’s something to do with the trace of the matrix but. This is the full solution but I did row reduction on the matrix K6- $lambda$I
  25. scottdave

    Extending Neural Networks to higher dimensions (article)

    Neural networks have come a long way since I first took a course, 25 years ago. Now that I'm in the Online Masters in Analytics program at Georgia Tech, I see these topics come up often. I found the following article an interesting read...
  26. D

    Neural Networks -- using the NN classifier as the fitness function

    Let's say you've trained a neural network and it can classify cat images with good (90%) accuracy. Now let's say you use a genetic algorithm and start 'breeding' images together using the NN classifier as the fitness function. Will you eventually start generating pictures that look like cats?
  27. V

    Neural networks - uses in Physics and Astrophysics?

    Hello, I'm not very familiar with neural networks, but it seems very interesting. I would like to ask how may I use it in physics, especially in astrophysics? I guess for some data mining? But could anyone show some concrete example of what it can do with data? Or if there is anything else...
  28. jdawg

    Heat and Mass Transfer: Nodal Networks

    Homework Statement So this is more of a really vague conceptual question, I'm sorry if it doesn't really make sense. I'm in the stage of learning this where I don't quite understand things well enough to form a proper question. I'm a little bit confused about nodal networks in heat and mass...
  29. BWV

    I Neural Networks vs Traditional Numerical Methods

    As neural networks are 'universal approximators' for nonlinear functions, in general how do they perform in comparison to traditional numerical methods for nonlinear PDEs? Just googling, I can find papers on applications to Navier Stokes and other problems, but I don't really have the...
  30. ADDA

    Conditional Digital Feedback; is it a good Idea? (Neural Networks)

    In this example: The input multiplier to the artificial neural network, at the bottom of the screen, for each note is determined by an output of an Expectation Maxamazation sequence that converges after ten iterations with input of the artificial neural network's output above a threshhold...
  31. T

    MHB Probability calculation with Bayesian Networks

    Given this base data (taken from Graphical Models )$P(C) = 0.5$ $P(\lnot C) = 0.5$ $P(R | C) = 0.8$ $P(R | \lnot C) = 0.2$ $P(\lnot R | C) = 0.2$ $P(\lnot R | \lnot C) = 0.8$ $P(S | C) = 0.1$ $P(S | \lnot C) = 0.5$ $P( \lnot S | \lnot C) = 0.5$ $P( \lnot S | C) = 0.9$ $P(W | \lnot S, \lnot...
  32. K

    I Tensor networks, spin networks and loop quantum gravity

    Loop Quantum Gravity, Exact Holographic Mapping, and Holographic Entanglement Entropy Muxin Han, Ling-Yan Hung (Submitted on 7 Oct 2016) The relation between Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) and tensor network is explored from the perspectives of bulk-boundary duality and holographic entanglement...
  33. T

    Droop control (load sharing in AC Mains distribution networks)

    Hi, I have quite a superficial understanding of Droop control: http://www.openelectrical.org/wiki/index.php?title=Droop_Control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droop_speed_control I'm not after a super technically detailed explanation, but if anyone has any more detailed sources for how it is...
  34. 2

    Other Neural networks and genetic algorithms

    Hi. First of all, I am a beginner when it comes to NN and GA. I have a good enough math background though. Could anyone suggest me a good book that covers these topics in an intermediate level? Obviously a very in-depth coverage is hard to expect but I would like something more than a few pages...
  35. 2

    Neural networks and the derivatives of the cost function

    Hello. I need some guidance on the derivation of the derivatives of the quadratic cost function (CF) in an artificial neural network. I can derive the equations for the forward propagation with no trouble but when it comes to finding the derivative of the CF with respect to the weight matrix...
  36. T

    Prob/Stats What Are the Best Resources for Learning About Neural Networks?

    Hello, Can you recommend me a book on neural networks, for a beginner in this area? I would like a book that explains the mathematics behind NN's, while still going into computational matters in a package like Matlab. My background is Physics/Maths in Bsc level. Thanks.
  37. cpscdave

    Printers and 2 networks

    Howdy everyone. So here's the issue. My work laptop spans 2 networks. Wired its connected to my test network (that I control) It is setup to be 10.5.1.X Subnet The router also connects into the main network so my various devices can download updates and what not. My...
  38. Avatrin

    Can artificial intelligence create music?

    Hi What approach should I take if I want to try this with music? I know the mathematics that are needed to learn neural networks (from what I have read on websites like Coursera). Also, I know basic scientific programming with Python. I am willing to spend time to learn how to make the...
  39. Svein

    Insights Administering TCP/IP In Automation or Measurement Networks - Comments

    Svein submitted a new PF Insights post Administering TCP/IP In Automation or Measurement Networks Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  40. T

    Should I choose Network Science or Plasma Physics?

    Thank you for opening my first thread. I have just began studying Physics at a university in Hungary and would like to get some information about Network Science and Plasma Phyics/Nuclear Fusion. I am looking for a branche in Physics in which I can do research in the coming years and get a job...
  41. J

    Engineering Electrical Circuits Reactive Networks Question

    Homework Statement Homework Equations At low voltage frequency (inductors) L become short circuit and (capacitors) C becomes open circuit At high voltage frequency (inductors) L become open circuit and (capacitors) C becomes short circuit The Attempt at a Solution Part A At low frequency...
  42. F

    Engineering Electrical Engineering - circuits - Reactive Networks

    1. Homework Statement There are multiple parts to this question, but I have only got through the first 2 before getting stuck. Please could somebody give me a hand as I am really struggling :frown: (a) Calculate the phasor voltage of the voltage source and the phasor current of the current...
  43. S

    Computer Networking: Worst Case Scenario

    Homework Statement Router architecture. Consider a router with a T1 serial interface and two 100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces. The router has a 1 GB buffer for storing packet traffic. Calculate, in the worst case, how long the router can sustain loss-less operations. Define carefully what traffic...
  44. Pull and Twist

    MHB Linear Applications: Electrical Networks

    So I am having difficulty with the following problem; Determine the currents in the various branches. So I went ahead and assigned I names to the various branches and drew in flow directions to help me visualize the problem better. From there I created the following three equations...
  45. P

    Power backups for fibre optic networks

    Can anyone tell me what kind of power back ups they use for fiber optic networking equipment in ISP networks and across the world. Do they tend to all use UPS from batteries or do they have generators for in the events of major long term power outages?
  46. ShayanJ

    Alzheimer's disease in neural networks

    After watching "Still Alice"(starring Juliane Moore) which is about an Alzheimer's patient, I started thinking about this disease a little bit and suddenly it occurred to me that its plausible to expect seeing such an effect in neural networks too. I mean, imagine you have a neural network that...
  47. Bobby425

    Engineering Thevenin's equvalent circuit of the network?

    Homework Statement thevenin's equvalent circuit of the network Homework Equations thevenin's voltage thevenin's impedance The Attempt at a Solution using nodal analysis i tried to find thevenin voltage but the dependent source and the dependent variable troubling me!
  48. K

    Combined LV / MV Grounding Networks?

    On which standard IEEE / IEC BS EN / NEC...we can find recommendation on combining Grounding Networks of LV and MV/HV together?
  49. K

    Artificial Intelligence neuron networks

    Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement For a neuron with the transfer function given below deterimne the weight updates after presentation of the two constructive training samples: xA = [2,-1] and xB = [-1,1], where the former one belongs to class A (desired output is 1), the latter to...
  50. carllacan

    Bayesian/causal networks: just a fast check

    Hi! I just want to check that I'm getting this right. Suppose we have a DAG for a Bayesian network: V S \ / \ / C Each variable is discrete and has two possible values, named v1 and v2 and similar for the others. We know the priors P(v) and P(s) and also the...