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Application of wavelets in computational electromagnetics

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a first year graduate student, wavelets is one of the courses that I am taking presently. As part of the course, I plan to explore application of wavelets in computational electromagnetics (CEM). The idea behind it is to study a few applications where wavelets are used in CEM, code/simulate them and explain their computational advantages over conventional CEM methods like Finite Element,etc. I have a very nominal knowledge of the numerical techniques used in CEM; and time constraints forbid me from exploring or going into depth. Can anybody please suggest a few specific application problems of CEM which I can work on? I understand Maxwell's equations quite well. Also, any references/books/online resources of the suggested application would be extremely helpful to proceed. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Try this search:
    http://azbookfinder.com/search/s.php?q=Wavelet+and+Spectral+Methods+for+Computational+Electromagnetics [Broken]

    Then pick one of the books listed as your main resource.
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