Apply for tenure track or just full time?

In summary, the conversation discusses a university with two job openings: one tenure track and the other full time year-to-year. The individual is unsure if they should apply for both positions or just the one they have a better chance at. The group agrees that it would be best to apply for both, tailored specifically for each position, to increase their chances of getting one of them. They also acknowledge that the search committee may have different criteria for each position.
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Hello everyone,
A university has two positions open: one is tenure track and the other is full time year-to-year. I am definitely fit for both, but I probably have a higher chance getting the full time (non-tenure track). Should I apply for both or it is better to just apply for the one I have a better shot at?

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I would apply for both. Regardless of qualification, I think that this will increase your chances of getting at least one of them.
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I tentatively agree with Orodruin, with the caveat that the search committee(s) may have distinct criteria for the TT and term positions- simply submitting the same application to both openings may not be the wisest course of action.
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I agree with Andy of course. You need to tailor the applications for both positions separately if you want the jobs. Sorry if this was not entirely clear.
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Thanks. My only worry was if they think I am not 'good enough' for the TT they (the same search committee) will have an even less perfect image of me when they look again at my application material for the non-TT position. (Yes, I agree with you Andy, I will submit a separate application for each position).

1. What is the difference between a tenure track position and a full-time position?

A tenure track position refers to a faculty position in which the individual is on a path towards earning tenure, which provides job security and academic freedom. Full-time positions can include both tenure track and non-tenure track roles, and may or may not have the potential for tenure in the future.

2. What are the benefits of applying for a tenure track position?

Tenure track positions offer the potential for job security and academic freedom, as well as opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the institution. They also typically come with a higher salary and better benefits compared to non-tenure track roles.

3. What are the potential drawbacks of pursuing a tenure track position?

Pursuing tenure can be a long and rigorous process, requiring significant time and effort to meet the institution's expectations for research, teaching, and service. There is also no guarantee of earning tenure, and the competition for tenure track positions can be fierce.

4. Is it necessary to have a tenure track position in order to have a successful career in academia?

No, there are many successful academics who have chosen to pursue full-time positions without the potential for tenure. These roles may offer more flexibility in terms of research and teaching focus, and can still lead to opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

5. What factors should I consider when deciding whether to apply for a tenure track or full-time position?

When making this decision, it is important to consider your career goals, personal and professional priorities, and the expectations and culture of the institution you are applying to. It may also be helpful to seek advice from mentors and colleagues who have experience in both types of positions.

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