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Arduino Serial port greyed out?

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    Arduino "Serial port" greyed out?

    I am going to make this electronic door lock using an arduino but when i am going to upload the sketch it says"COM1 not found Did you select the right one form the Tools>Serial port?"
    So i went to my tools and the serial port is greyed out does anyone know a fix?

    FYI i have a Funduino Uno with a usb
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    Have you installed the driver for it?`
    Also, COM1 is usually (but not always) a real port on your computer, the virtual serial port installed by the Arduino driver tends to end up being named COM4 or COM5 (at least on my systems)
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    Arduino "Serial port" greyed out?

    You should go to Device Manager on your computer (assuming you have windows) with the Arduino plugged in and see what port your computer assigned it. Then use that COM port in the Arduino software to communicate with it.

    That's assuming you installed the drivers like the poster above me asked. Device manager is available from Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager if I remember correctly.
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    hah! I myself encounter this problem b4 when i started using arduino leonardo (which i bought it regretfully). So 1st you'll need to check if you installed you're driver correctly, because it is greyed out when it cannot detect your arduino. Would you mind telling what windows are you using?
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    Windows 7
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    mtb856 almost lead u there..

    Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager , find your arduino device in there, if its not there, check under ports and com... put on some screenshot when you are done.
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