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Are my laptop specs too low to watch youtube videos?

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    I got a very basic laptop which I just use for browsing (facebook, twitter, news etc.)
    Intel Atom Processor 1.66GHz 512kb cache
    1GB RAM
    Ubuntu operation system

    It's perfect for just browsing, basically its only purpose, but when I watch youtube videos it lags. I've tried letting the video buffer completely but it still lags. I've also tried setting the quality of the video to 240p but it still lags. When I watch a video like kahnacadamy it doesn't lag.

    Does this have anything to do with my laptops specs or is it related to something else?
    Do you know of a solution to this problem?
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    I had a netbook with similar specs last year and it struggled with Netflix. Youtube seemed to be ok though.
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    I've never used linux, but if possible you might try to increase the virtual memory.
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    Not a direct solution, but you could use something like keepvid to download a youtube video as a .MP4 file then view it directly from your hard drive, which might help. If you don't have a .mp4 viewer, you can download videolan's VLC media player, which is free.
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    Make sure you have all the latest system updates for Ubuntu installed.
    Download the latest version of firefox and install that if you haven't already.
    Download the latest version of the flash player for linux from adobe and install that as well
    See if you can get newer video drivers for your distro and install that.

    reboot and try again.
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