Are there any examples of functions that react to themselves?

  1. Hi. Are there any examples of functions that react to themselves? If so, how are they expressed algebraically? Any simple example will be extremely enlightening to me. Thanks.
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    What do you mean by "functions which react to themselves"? That's a pretty vague description.
  4. I was just throwing out an idea to see if the work of Dean Radin had permeated the regular body of knowledge.
    I would say that my vagueness lends itself to the fact that I haven't figured anything out yet.
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    One type of example, would be differential equations where acceleration is based on position. For example a sine or cosine wave would be [itex]\ddot x = -x [/i]. A common real world example would be the elliptical orbits of a two body system.

    I doubt these are what you're looking for, but they are functions that react to themselves (the acceleration eventually results in new position(s), and the new position(s) affect acceleration).
  6. The parapsychologist crank, Dean Radin?
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    Exactly, let's not bring up crackpots here since it's against our rules to discuss them.
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