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Homework Help: Are there any good source to learn how to work a problem from a proof?

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    After having several years of calculus or Diff Eq teachers telling me not to worry about what we're doing, just use the example to solve the problem, I'm having to take numerical analysis. The problem is the professor tends to give a proof and one example. The book sucks and according to the instructor is the only decent book on the subject, there's no open courseware anywhere except the indian institute of technology, which is harder than the class I'm taking. It's one of those classes where it's impossible to find a tutor on the subject because everybody who has had the class has graduated and math majors aren't required to take this one.

    I just have a really hard time working problems from the proof and figuring out what's conditional to the example he gives in class. So, does anybody have any suggestions for something online that would be helpful in trying to either apply proofs or for this class specifically?
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    I, at least, have no idea what you are asking!
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