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Are there physicists that study time travel

  1. Aug 8, 2010 #1
    I wonder if there is a profession in physics where physicists study time travel. If not, are there any research fields that correlate towards the study of time travel. I'm just curious.
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    Essentially, no. There are a few professors who look at titbits into the subject, but that's because they can think about whatever they choose.
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    There were/will be some, but I traveled back in time and made their first physics exposure traumatic so they wouldn't go into the field.

    Any one who mocks my sense of humor, will have their great grandmother setup with some one other than their great grandfather.
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    wise choice.
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    Ha!!! His efforts are laughable! I didn't even bother to bother to re-arrange his ancestors.
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    If he helps, I didn't learn about him via time-travel/physics journals or anything like that.
    I think it was like a cracked magazine list or something...
    Yeah. Probably wouldn't touch it with a stick.
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    Backwards time would be a little bit like having negative space, that is space where you can travel a negative magnitude of distance. Basically I'm saying time travel is a bit of a paradox isn't it?

    I bring this up because your question really begs the question "what exactly is time?" and most answers physics will give you may not really be satisfying. If it's these types of fundamental questions that interest you I'd seriously suggest looking into philosophy (particularly metaphysics) over physics.
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