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Are these two books one and the same

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    I'm looking to purchase this book:

    Fundamentals of Physics Extended 9th Edition by Halliday, Resnick, Walker $160

    but is this the same as

    Physics, Volume 1 & 2 by Halliday, Resnick, Krane $ 220

    Which is better (more math based etc.) or are they the same?
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    I don't know the difference but I came across a copy of Fundamentals of Physics on some site like abebooks.com for about 40$ so I'm really advising you not to blow so much money on such an iffy book.

    If you go along and buy Resnick, Halliday fair Enough, a lot of people like it (I'd advise buying University Physics 12ed by Young, Freedman instead!) but don't blow so much money on this book, you'll find it online cheap enough.
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    yeah i'll find used ones, but i really wanted to know the difference
    I heard university physics is more conceptual that halliday and resnick
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    To be honest I had bought Halliday, Resnick after just seeing it in a shop and encountered hell with it. I got so frustrated I went looking online to learn physics and came across all the good and bad reviews of the book.

    I came across reviews of University Physics and even though I'd wasted money on Resnick and was skeptical because they are both those mammoth type books and I was afraid they'd be the same. They aren't :biggrin:

    I sold my Resnick second hand and got University Physics instead.

    Just clear cut examples and straight and to the point, no assumptions.

    Read through this site and you'll find good and bad reviews for both books but I'm sticking up for University Physics :wink:
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    I have requested a copy from my library to look through before actually purchasing it, thanks for the insight.
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    Once upon a time (late 1950s or early 1960s) there were two guys named Halliday and Resnick. They wrote a two-volume textbook called "Physics." It became popular, but some schools thought it was too long for them. So H&R wrote a slimmed-down single-volume version called "Fundamentals of Physics" which became very popular. I used it myself when I was a freshman in college (1971), and I taught out of it during my first teaching job after getting my Ph.D.

    Eventually H&R retired or died, and new authors took over: Krane for "Physics" and Walker for "Fundamentals of Physics."

    "Fundamentals of Physics" is more popular and has been updated more often, so it's snazzier looking and comes with more "extras." "Physics" has more material but looks a bit old-fashioned in comparison. (At least that's my impression.)
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    Thanks jtbell, in terms of content do the books differ, i.e. does one of the two use more mathematics?
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