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Are we given notification for renewal?

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    Just a quick question. I can't remember when I became a contributor, but I suspect that it might be due to expire soon. Are we given notification for renewal?
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    Well, doesn't contributor status just come in 1yr and 6yr form?
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    Here's the e-mail I recieved when I subscribed:
    I then cancelled the subscription because I didn't want it to automatically renew, but I guess that cancelled my current contributor status as well. I messaged Greg and he said that the subscription wouldn't renew itself at the end of the year, and put me on the list manually (I guess).

    If you really wanted to know when you signed up you could check your paypal records.
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    I didn't know that paypal had records. :redface:
    I looked it up as suggested. I expired in April. :cry:

    It's on its way, Greg.

    edit: Okay, I'm paid up again. :approve:
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    Awwww, I'm proud of you Danger, and all of our other contributors. :approve:
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