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News Are you ready for a next-in-line future Queen or King to be born?

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    Still waiting.
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    After they changed the laws so that the firstborn will become ruler (King or Queen) did they also change the spouse naming convention? The wife of the King gets to be Queen, but the husband of the Queen is traditionally given the title Prince (Prince consort).
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    A boy has been born. No name given yet.
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    I go for the Bislama version (the language of the South Pacific Island Vanatu). English translation: "Number one big fella him belong Mrs Queen."
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    There is legislation going through NZ's Parliament regarding this, as all Commonwealth countries need the law in place, to align with UK's law.

    http://inthehouse.co.nz/node/19593 [Broken]
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    Baby? Did I mention that my 6th grandchild (1st grandaughter) was recently born?
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    May I ask if the royal couple induced any measures to improve the odds of a boy? I believe sperm with X chromosomes can be separated from sperm with Y chromosomes.
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    Unlikely, since both parents refused to be told what sex it was before it was born.
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    That's not sufficient: you can still separate the sperm and still not have 100% separation so won't know conclusively if an X got through (the cell membrane) so won't know for sure until examination. And I suppose it's just a coincidence the next in line are four males about the same time we develop the knowledge to select sex this way. Suppose though it would cause controversy if exposed. But you would think for something so important, and a family with resources to do so, that they would want to ensure a male heir.
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    I'm not ready. Stick it back in.
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    Am I the only one here who doesn't care about her or her baby whatsoever?
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    Nope, you're not the only one.
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    Yea. Besides, you have to be ready for YOUR new King. :biggrin:
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    Who's baby?
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    LOL! I like that attitude. :)
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    I feel much the same way as you

    but a hearty congrats on your relatively new grand-daughter :)

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    Applicable to NZ:

    http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/18107150/rules-shake-up-preceded-royal-birth/ [Broken]

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    Hmm, we have a baby which is already predestined to become a ruler at its birth. We have a baby born into an elitist society not everybody can enter and we have this society practicing awkward and strange traditions...I suppose people must be talking about Rosemary's baby. :devil:
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    LOL oh god I lol'ed so hard. The royal "stick it back in" festival need commence!

    Anyways, as an American I have more important celebrity babies to pay attention to, especially Kanye and Kim's baby North West.
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