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Are you suppose to learn something in high school

  1. Feb 17, 2008 #1
    is it a good idea to, let's say, stay in a high school where your grades are high and you're highly ranked because all the other students don't care about their education and the teachers don't as well, as opposed to transfering to a different high school where you can actually learn something from certified scientists and mathematicians as well as be around those who really want to learn and are 100% committed. my schedule is pretty strong too, but the teachers don't teach, they sit there and baby sit you.

    what im trying to say is, if i stay in a school where i'm at the top of the class would i be more likely to get accepted into an extrodinary college. the problem, however, is that if i do, i will go there having learned nothing.

    what is your take on this, you smart geniuses, you.
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    I went to one of these high schools. It was a very good experience from a student-teacher point of view (quite a few had masters or PhD's in the fields they were teaching). The students still didn't all give a hoot though!
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    I went to your standard public high school. I didn't give a hoot either. That was 30 years ago. I'm pretty sure that even when humanity achieves type III status, this will still be the case.

    Life is and will be what you make of it. If you have to be baby sat, at least take a good book. :smile:
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    The point of school is to teach people on how to be an average tax paying citizen. The government educates you to be smart enough to pay taxes. By graduating college, you probably just hit the top 10% or even 5% rung of society.

    Be glad what you have now. There's a decent number of people who don't or CAN'T graduate from high school and usually end up on the streets mugging graduates like some of us or just dealing drugs.
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