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Artificial Black Hole and entropia

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    Two chinese scientist have created an artificial black hole that can trap the microwave into the center of this called -- black hole --.
    It sames that in this machine the energy of microwave could travel only in one direction, from outside to the center.
    If this is true is wonderful...
    Imagine that we have an insulated system where there are only the black hole and two black materials that emit E.M wave (and then microwave too); one black material is inside the black hole and a black material is outside... what will happen? It sames that the black material in the center of black hole can't emit microwave outside the black hole, but in the same time will absorb the microwaves emitted by the other black material and then the inside black material will became hotter....
    It sames a violation of entropy, a perpetual motion of second kind machine.

    Martin Modena
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