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Homework Help: Ask me some conceptual questions on waves?

  1. Sep 4, 2010 #1
    Basically, I want to practice some of the more conceptual sort of questions (as opposed to straight calculations), but I don't have any!

    Questions on:

    -Simple wave motion (universal wave equation type stuff)
    -Speed of wave in solids
    -Sound waves (speed of sound, intensity of sound)
    -Resonance in pipes

    I just need practice with the conceptual/understanding sort of questions. I would appreciate it if you could make the answer in italics or something so I can do the question, then check the answer.

    I would love any help you can offer!
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    Most textbooks provides two types of problems at the end of each chapter: conceptual dn calculation-based problems. However, both require conceptual understanding.

    There are difficult questions which require critical thinking than just applying the formulas, and usually the authors marked them.

    The first kind of conceptual problem is to derivate the equations and formula with known "concepts", which in this case, you can derivate linear wave equation, sinusoidal forms, sound wave formulas, speed of wave in solids, and all that. See how they are related.,...
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    thanks, but my textbook obviously doesn't have any questions or I wouldn't say I 'have none' now would I? ;)

    Just any sort of conceptual question would be great!
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