Medical Asperger's dropped from revised diagnosis manual

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    If the quote is correct, then Asperger's is not the only disorder to be dropped, but autism as well. All are to become Autism Spectrum Disorder. I wonder what the diagnostic criteria will be so as to include such a wide spectrum under a single label.
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    I was wondering the same when I read a headline the other day.

    In some ways it makes sense, but then I would expect there to be stages from mild to severe. Treatment or remediation is very different depending the grade, and often what works for one doesn't work for others.
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    The DSM isn't and shouldn't be used for treatment anyway, so that's not a problem.
  5. The DSM offers no advice on treatment, only on diagnosis. Currently, there is a diagnosis for Asperger's, one for Autism, and none for Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, in practice, neurologists are diagnosing people with ASD. I don't know if there is some other source for such a diagnosis, or if it's a case of "I can't define ASD, but I know it when I see it." In any case, the new DSM will have no diagnosis for Asperger's, none for Autism, and a single one for ASD, one which includes Asperger's and Autism. I'm burning with curiosity to find out what it is.
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    It provides a diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not specific, then what? That is the problem.

    I have little confidence in 'the system' based on first hand experience with my children and myself.
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    The treatment of a problem shouldn't even depend too much on the diagnosis. I mean: it's not because two people get the same diagnosis now, that they should get the same treatment. The treatment of OCD that works for me might not work at all with another person. The psychiatrist should look at what the person says, and not so much at what the diagnosis says.

    In my opinion, getting a diagnosis is close to useless. I'm not very much in favor of psychiatrists basing their entire treatment on just a diagnosis. Whether you are diagnosed correctly is completely irrelevant as long as you get the correct treatment.
  8. I bought the DSM-IV years ago and it was an expensive book. I'm curious about how all the diagnoses have evolved, but I'm not sure I am willing to drop the cost of it to find out. Maybe after a year or so it'll be cheap on e-Bay.
  9. The DSM-IV criteria for a diagnosis of autism are available on the net here:
    DSM-IV autism.
    Hopefully, the DSM-5 criteria for a diagnosis of ASD will show up on the net too.
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