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Assistance in checking transfer function

  1. Oct 12, 2012 #1

    I am undertaking an undergrad design project and want to ensure I'm doing this correctly,

    I have derived the ODE as shown below;

    A*Y = M*X'' + (B+C)*X' + D*X
    Where A,M,B,C,D are constants.

    By taking the Laplace transform, I get;
    A*Y(s) = M*s^2*X(s) + (B+C)*s*X(s) + D*X(s)

    My transfer function becomes;

    TF(s) = X(s)/Y(s) = the image of the transfer function below;
    http://imageshack.us/a/img37/8820/95533304.jpg [Broken]

    Feedback on this would be much appreciated.
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    It looks right, but I have 1 thing to ask
    1) Is Input X and Y the output?

    You should always have:

    [itex] Q(s)X_{out}(s) = P(s)X_{in}(s) \; \Rightarrow \; H(s) = \frac{P(s)}{Q(s)} = \frac{X_{out}(s)}{X_{in}(s)} [/itex]
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