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ASTM A182 F22 Quench Properties

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    First time poster here. I'd appreciate whatever help anyone can provide.

    I have some pieces of F22 that were quenched and tempered. My customer needs to know how deep the quench properties extend, as he intends to machine off some of the O.D.

    Critical Diameter analysis is not appropriate because some of the elemental percentages are outside the ranges evaluated by Grossman.

    I need a method, spec, link, or something to determine how much drop in hardness to expect as material is removed.

    Thank you!
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    As part of a process qualification, in this case a quench, one would normally take parts of a given geometry at some temperature, quench one or some small number, then cut the pieces transverse (normal to the heat transfer surface), and with metallography ascertain the microstructure (grain size and morphology), and perhaps measure hardness with the appropriate method. Then one would have a profile of physical properties as a function of depth.
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