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Asynchronous Entangled Photon pairs

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    Is it possible to produce an entangled photon pair and be able to delay the reception times by introducing something like a fiber bragg grating which has multiple indices of refraction which propagate wavelengths at different frequencies? Or will, because of their entangled state, do some "spooky things" according to Einstein and as a result won't work?
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    I don't know about the specific method you suggest, but you can do all kinds of things to entangled photons while "generally" keeping them entangled. One common method used in experiments is to add coiled fiber to one path and none to the other. That will delay arrival time.
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    Yes, you can delay one of the photons. That's what's done in delayed choice quantum eraser experiments, for example. You don't even need anything fancy to create the delay; just make one of the photons travel farther.
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