What is Asynchronous: Definition and 27 Discussions

In digital electronics, an asynchronous circuit, clockless, or self-timed circuit, is a sequential digital logic circuit which is not governed by a clock circuit or global clock signal. Instead it often uses signals that indicate completion of instructions and operations, specified by simple data transfer protocols. This type of circuit is contrasted with synchronous circuits, in which changes to the signal values in the circuit are triggered by repetitive pulses called a clock signal. Most digital devices today use synchronous circuits. However asynchronous circuits have the potential to be faster, and may also have advantages in lower power consumption, lower electromagnetic interference, and better modularity in large systems. Asynchronous circuits are an active area of research in digital logic design.

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  1. M

    Engineering Help understanding this asynchronous sequential circuit please

    I am finding difficulty in understanding the sequence transition graph My Book has given solution like this Question : I have marked red circle in the above table. ...book has given E but I think it should be F ...What is correct here E or F ? Here is the state diagram given in the book
  2. F

    Construct a circuit with single phase asynchronous machine in MATLAB

    Construct the circuit above using the block shown below. The torque was gradually increased in small steps until the load torque reached the rated torque. At each step the torque, current speed, voltage and power factor was measured and the result record in Table (1). Tn = Rated torque = 1 Nm...
  3. Quix270

    What is better to feed a 500W asynchronous motor?

    What is better to feed a 500w asynchronous motor, an asynchronous or synchronous aerogenerator of 1kw? Why is a asynchronous/synchronous aereogenerator better in this case? Thanks you
  4. J

    Asynchronous Counter 4-bit Output Frequency

    Homework Statement [/B]Y is output of rightmost flip flop. Q Homework Equations Drawing Timing Diagram. F(o/p) = F(clock)/(number of stages in output) The Attempt at a Solution The last flip flop has positive triggering clock. The moment Flip Flop output becomes 110X with MSB being rightmost...
  5. PainterGuy

    Eddy currents in case of synchronous and asynchronous motors

    Hi, In an AC 3-phase induction motor (i.e. asynchronous motor) rotating magnetic field is produced by the stator and in this case rotor consists of simple cage having metallic bars or with coils wound around the rotor. The rotating magnetic field magnetizes the rotor and attracts it. As the...
  6. ShayanJ

    Java Asynchronous web programming using Java

    I want to learn web programming with Java. I'm using eclipse neon with tomcat 8.5.13. My question is do these tools support asynchronous programming and server push technologies or should I use other tools? Thanks
  7. S

    Can't seem to make URL request from ElapsedEventHandler

    I've spent 10+ hours on trying to solve this and can't get it to work! In short, I have a method private async void LoadAndSavePage(object source, ElapsedEventArgs e) { // ... } which is being called every 1 second when the Windows Service that contains...
  8. S

    Should I start using a parallel foreach everywhere possible?

    I recently learned about C#.NET's Parallel.ForEach function and it made me think that this is the new hammer I have that will make everything look like a nail. Under the covers, the parallel foreach figures out how to use the optimal number of threads (based on your machines CPUs and cores) to...
  9. O

    Is 1MW 6kV 1600 RPM Motor Really Worth Only 40 Euros?

    Hi... Need help understanding 1MW, 6kV, 1600 RPM,Cage Rotor Asynchronous Motor, 3 Phase, 4 Poles. I have the basic understanding of all ratings but have received very low price for this motor but when i searched on the internet it looked huge and had very high price as compared to what i have...
  10. yeezyseason3

    Asynchronous Entangled Photon pairs

    Is it possible to produce an entangled photon pair and be able to delay the reception times by introducing something like a fiber bragg grating which has multiple indices of refraction which propagate wavelengths at different frequencies? Or will, because of their entangled state, do some...
  11. V

    Hydroelectric powerstation with Asynchronous or synchronous generator

    Let's say we have small hydropower plant which can operate in on-grid and in islanded mode too. I understand a principles of frequency and active power control in a case we have synchronous generator, but what would be diff in a case of Asynchronous generator? How do we controll frequency in a...
  12. M

    Engineering Calculating Rotations and Slip in an Asynchronous Motor

    Homework Statement number of pole pairs p =2 line frequency f=50hz number of rotations n=1250 1/min Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution question is number of rotations of the rotary magnetic field (1/min units) the slip of the machine(s) the frequency of the...
  13. M

    Engineering Schematic diagram of a 3phase voltage inverter for asynchronous motor

    hello guys, Its my first question here i hope i will have enough help i am the newbie here but i like this website already :) my question is plot diagram of a 3phase voltage inverter for asynchronous motor driving. i tried to find it but couldnt. thank you from now :)
  14. EVriderDK

    Ok, but WHY does the asynchronous AC induction motor have an unstable zone?

    I have been tought several times that if an asynchronous induction motor is overloaded, so that the rotor speed goes below where the maximum torque point is, the motor will become unstable, and simply stall, even if you unload it. Why does it do that? fx. here...
  15. F

    Asynchronous Motor Starting: Understanding the Initial Current Flow

    One of the characteristics of full voltage starting (DOL) of an asynchronous induction motor is that full load current is exceeded quite significantly when the motor is started in this way. So what is happening is that when line voltage is applied, the difference in synchronous and rotor...
  16. T

    Digital Logics Synchronous Counter with Asynchronous Reset

    Homework Statement Design a sequential circuit, a modulo 9 counter that uses T-architecture. The counter content should be diplayed on a seven segment display and by a set of LEDs. Basically, I have to make a synchronous counter and a asynchronous reset using T FF's. We only have JK FF's...
  17. F

    Asynchronous generator running off grid on capacitor bank

    can anyone tell me if it is possible to run a asynchronous generator from a capacitor bank and what it may entail.
  18. F

    Asynchronous motors - the heat of the rotor

    So I was reading about asynchronous motors, and it seems the motor works better when the resistance of the rotor is smaller. This is fairly obvious, because the smaller the resistance, the bigger the inductive currents and therefore more mechanical force is applied on the rotor, thus its doing...
  19. S

    Is this an asynchronous down counter?

    [PLAIN]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3306/counterty.jpg Is this an asynchronous down counter, or is it nonsense? (Assuming all J and K inputs are connected high) Trivial question, I know :-)
  20. M

    Are Set and Reset Asynchronous in a D flip flop?

    I had a lab and I wrote they are asynchronous, so the clock input matters, but I am starting to doubt if I did it properly :confused:...what is the effect for both suppose to be simultaneously or independently? Thanks.
  21. L

    Digital circuit with D-flops and need to deal with asynchronous signal

    Suppose you design the digital circuit with D-flops and need to deal with asynchronous signals. Typical logic is receiving the async signal with a D flop followed by another D flop to deal with metastability. But how does double flopping benefit against the metastability ? The first flop gets...
  22. H

    Asynchronous Motor: Short Circuiting Rotor & Magnetic Fields

    If we have a magnetic field and a ferromagnetic material subjected to this field, the body will rotate until its magnetic axis is aligned with that of the field.. My question is: In asynchronous 3-phase motor, we have a rotating field.. so why we need to make a short circuited rotor and we...
  23. S

    What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?

    hi all i want to know What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor? thanks
  24. J

    Asynchronous Counter: Why Up Counts from 1?

    Hi everyone I built a 4 bit asynchronous counter: ][/URL] , the sequence is 1,2,3,4 right up to F and then 0,1,2,3... My question is why doesn't the up counter start with 0...can someone explain it to me.Is this the correct sequence for a asynchrbous up counter. Thank you &...
  25. A

    Creating a 4-Bit Asynchronous Up Counter with Flip Flops

    Homework Statement guys i have given following question "Brief out how you realize a 4 bit asynchronous up counter using flip flops." my english is not good so please explain this question to me (in simple) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  26. M

    Designing Asynchronous Up-Down Counter w/ SN 7474

    Hi there, I am working my way through some past exam papers and am stuck on this question, the answer that was given to me with the past exam was wrong so I have no reference, I cannot find anywhere on the net or in books the type of cct I am trying to design. In previous parts of the...
  27. E

    External flip-flop chip to synchronize an external asynchronous input

    Hello everyone, I am using an external flip-flop chip to synchronize an external asynchronous input into a microcontroller. So, what I am wondering about is how to provide a clock into the FF chip... it has to run at the same rate as the system clock of the microcontroller. Is there a way to...