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Atomic screen

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    Hi , well this is just a idea that came up when thinking about a certain problem in physics.

    Now it's late and I don't wan to be long but is it possible or has it been done , a device that could for example hold back lighter nuclei and let through heavier ones or vice versa?
    Well imagine a pipe that has some gas or plasma under pressure and at the end a nozzle but the nozzle let's only heavier nuclei through so unless those nuclei have fused or etc they cannot escape the nozzle.

    Somewhat like a sieve for rocks , when you want to separate bigger ones from smaller ones or from sand for building purposes.
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    Helium and hydrogen can diffuse through many materials quite easily (at least compared to other nuclei) as they are so small. This is a serious issue if you want to have a good vacuum.

    I doubt that this can be used in any fusion-related way.
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    Typically it works the reverse way. The lighter, smaller objects are allowed through while the bigger ones are trapped. I don't see any way to make it work the way you are asking.
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