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Attach matlab code in latex

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    Im writing a technical report with "article" as documentclass in Latex.

    I want to attach my matlab code in the appendix.
    If I copy and paste the text it wont look like the matlab code but it will look like a report..

    What command should I use so the text just looks like it is ?

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    Enter the matlab code in a "verbatim" environment. (I.e. \begin{verbatim}..code..\end{verbatim})
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    I second the use of the http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/listings.html" [Broken] package. I put the following in my document preamble whenever I need to include MATLAB code in a LaTeX document:
    Code (Text):
    % This is the color used for MATLAB comments below

    % For faster processing, load Matlab syntax for listings
    \lstset{language=Matlab,                        % Use MATLAB
            frame=single,                           % Single frame around code
            basicstyle=\small\ttfamily,             % Use small true type font
            keywordstyle=[1]\color{Blue}\bf,        % MATLAB functions bold and blue
            keywordstyle=[2]\color{Purple},         % MATLAB function arguments purple
            keywordstyle=[3]\color{Blue}\underbar,  % User functions underlined and blue
            identifierstyle=,                       % Nothing special about identifiers
                                                    % Comments small dark green courier
            stringstyle=\color{Purple},             % Strings are purple
            showstringspaces=false,                 % Don't put marks in string spaces
            tabsize=5,                              % 5 spaces per tab
            %%% Put standard MATLAB functions not included in the default
            %%% language here
            %%% Put MATLAB function parameters here
            morekeywords=[2]{on, off, interp},
            %%% Put user defined functions here
            morekeywords=[3]{FindESS, homework_example},
            morecomment=[l][\color{Blue}]{...},     % Line continuation (...) like blue comment
            numbers=left,                           % Line numbers on left
            firstnumber=1,                          % Line numbers start with line 1
            numberstyle=\tiny\color{Blue},          % Line numbers are blue
            stepnumber=5                            % Line numbers go in steps of 5

    % Includes a MATLAB script.
    % The first parameter is the label, which also is the name of the script
    %   without the .m.
    % The second parameter is the optional caption.
    These settings are based on those used in a http://links.tedpavlic.com/ascii/homework_new_tex.ascii" [Broken].
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    I used http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/files/8015/mcode.sty" [Broken] for this, and it did a fine job for me.
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