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Automotive/Avionic Mechanical Engineering?

  1. Nov 9, 2014 #1
    Hello, im in college for mechanical engineering right now and was wondering how it is in the future when i get an engineering job, any insights or suggestions for the field?
    im wondering how it is on a day to day basis

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    You need to be more specific. Mechanical engineers can go into thousands of different jobs and each will have different experiences. What are your interests?
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    my interests are mostly automotive vehicles and i am planning on getting a bachelors in mechanical engineering and was wondering how it was for any engineer, i don't specifically have a certain job that i am going for as of yet because im only in my sophmore year of college. So cars or vehicles of some sorts or planes are my interest
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    As was already mentioned, it is very difficult to answer your question due to the wide variety of jobs that are out there in the automotive industry.

    From a mechanical engineering prospective, you will have people working in the lab all day testing parts, people working on the factory floor as industrial or support engineers, people drafting and requiring requirements which is paperwork, people working on computers doing mechanical and thermal simulation, etc.

    Without really pinpointing a job, it can be hard to explain what can go on day to day due to the fact that it can change by so much. even for me, I do everything from lab testing for 1 week to spending a week on documentation.
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