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Average cost of master and PhD programs in the US

  1. Apr 29, 2013 #1
    Hi All,

    The other day an old high school buddy of mine emailed me asking if I could find out about the general cost of master and PhD programs in math across American schools. I grew up in one of those 'stan countries', but have been living in the US for 7 years now. He's still there and as far as I know holds Master's degree in math and teaches math in one of the state schools.

    Now, I have no idea why he would ask me about such matters- it's gonna be a decade in a couple of years since I last stepped foot into a college campus. Besides, it was in a different country with different entrance rules. Guess he just has some language barriers.

    That said, how much would a run-of-the-mill, but not too shabby schools in the US charge for above-mentioned programs per semester or yearly? Sorry, for the ridiculously broad question.

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    This is public information available on the website of every school. You might suggest to him (if he has access to a computer) to look for himself for any school he is interested in attending.
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    This is a particularly bad question because of the different levels of support available in masters and Ph.D. programs. Typically, you have to worry about the cost of a master's degree, because there usually isn't much support available and you probably have to pay the bill yourself. On the other hand, if you are admitted to a Ph.D. program without any support possibilities, you have actually been politely turned down.
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