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Average engineering School and High GPA or Top Engineering School and lower GPA

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    So I am currently in an average ABET EE program and have a 4.0, but I am thinking of transferring to the top 30 engineering school about an hour away. I was wondering which matters more, GPA or institution? Both have a great college fair, and both are ABET accredited. And, Im not saying I wouldn't earn the same high marks there, its just I know I am already within the top of the class here so I would hate to lose a good GPA for something less. Any thoughts?
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    This is an interesting question. I will give you my opinion based on what I have seen in the 20 years since I earned my engineering degree.

    I would give the nod to gpa for the short term (graduate school and your first job). I have seen many people get into Top 10 engineering graduate schools with a high gpa from an average state university. And a very high gpa can make you stick out for your first job maybe more than institution.

    For the long term, I would say institution since an experienced engineer's resume will usually list degree and institution and not gpa. Most (but not all) companies will not request college transcripts of experienced engineers. The exception would be national labs and high level R&D positions.
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    What do you want to do after you graduate? In many cases research/internship experience is more important than your GPA. Make sure you consider your opportunities in these areas at each school when you make your decision.
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    If you have a 4.0 maybe you aren't being challenged enough? In the worst case scenario, you aren't using all of your potential. A better school would do you good. In the long term its more about what you learned and less about your GPA.
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    I mean I am working my tail off for the A's, but I can see both points about the long run. I currently spend about 30+ hours a week studying/doing homework for the 14 credits I'm taking this semester, so I do feel like I am being challenged, but maybe I don't know how much I could be.
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