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Avi. files freeze randomly while playing

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    My Laptop started freezing with random interruptions in both sound and image while playing avi. files, no matter which video player I am using (Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, VLC). Other video files, like mkv. play with no problems. I have downloaded the latest k lite full codec pack, uptaded video drivers for my Toshiba, uninstalled and reinstalled the players, tried Microsoft fix that deleted some codecs with no results.
    Any ideas on what the origin of the problem might be, and how can I solve it?
    Thank you
    Best regards
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    is the issue occurring with all avi files or just specific ones? when did the issue start?
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    Thank you for your answer.
    It started yesterday and happens with all avi files.
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    since the issue started yesterday, there may have been some change on the system that caused this issue. i would suggest doing a system restore to a restore point to a point earlier than 2 days ago.

    Start>All programs>accessories>system tools>System Restore
    first create a new system restore point (in case something breaks so you can 'undo')
    then restore the computer back to a date earlier than 2 days ago. make sure you use a "System Check Point" i find that the other ones can be flakey.

    once the system restore is complete, the computer will reboot. then try to play your avi with VLC media player and see if it works. hopefully this resolves your issue
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    I thought of that, but unfortunately I have no usable restore point...
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    well if you are running windows XP you can still do a "manual system restore." its much more involved and there is a possibility you can properly break your computer.
    All your settings are saved in the windows registry. System restore takes snapshots of your registry but windows also keeps a more extensive backup which you can use to recover from a corrupted registry.
    what you can do is pretend like you have a corrupt registry and recover it to an earlier time.
    Here's a microsoft knowledge base article that describes in detail what you need to do

    this is what i normally do when i hit a brick wall like you have. If you are unable to isolate the cause of the issue, the only thing you can do is wipe your system and start with a clean install.

    if you are using windows 7 the process is simpler but 7 only keeps 1 backup (from 10 days ago if i remember correctly)
    the process is similar, you need the installation disk, use the repair option and then from the command prompt, back up the registry in /windows/system32/config/
    your 10 day old backup is in /windows/system32/config/regback/
    copy and replace your existing registry and then try
    if it breaks your computer, restore the registry using the backup you made

    if all else fails and this is something you cannot live with, wipe the system clean and do a fresh windows install
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