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Awake for 72 hours, insomnia

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    I have been awake for 72 hours now, my brain will just not let me sleep, i really do want to be able to sleep, i have reverted to some bad habbits to
    try to be un aware, but they no longer work, i do have cat naps, but even they are getting less frequent, doctors are less than helpfull prescribing drugs, that work for a while but leave one feeling drained, is there a method
    to regain sleep?
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    Well what the hay, it is a useless brain any way, maybe i shoud stop
    complaining and deal with it.
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    Does counting sheep
    Help a ram sleep? :smile:
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    You could watch a movie called "Bowling for Columbine" or better yet "Farenheit 911". I gaurantee you that if you try to watch either of those it'll konk you right out.
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    I guess he's sleeping. 72 hours is very unhealthy.
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