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Barium Borate- beta BBO crystals (what am I looking at?)

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    The chemical formula, BaB2O4, doesn't correspond with the image I see. Barium is green, boron is pink and oxygen is red.

    Wiki Barium borate

    No clue about crystals but willing to learn the basics.
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    The stochiometric formula doens't tell you more than the relative amount of substance of Ba, B and O, but nothing about the structure. Do you doubt the relative proportions of the elements in this compound?
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    No doubt here. My prior experience had me looking at reactions and chemicals in aqueous environments. This one was not like the others and I thought I would ask about it. Organic chemistry ii was finished last fall by myself so barium is new to me.

    How does barium influence boron and oxygen to form into a ring structure while being a spectator cation during a solid state? Why do they form on top of each other in triplets?
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    Are you sure that rings of BO3 units don't occur also in solution?
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