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Basic calculus question (kinematics)

  1. Dec 4, 2012 #1
    Could someone point me to the proof or reasoning behind the steps:

    1) a = dv/dt
    2) a dt = dv
    3) ∫a dt = ∫dv

    I know this works, but I'm missing understanding in the math behind it, and I'm not sure what to type into google.

    Thank you very much
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    1) is the definition of acceleration, i.e, the derivative of velocity with respect to time.
    2)+3) are silly pseudo-steps, the mathematically CORRECT next step from 1) is:
    2a) [tex]\int{a}dt=\int\frac{dv}{dt}dt[/tex]
    3a) Now, using integration by substitution on the right-hand integral, we may, if we like, rewrite 2a) as:
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