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Basic mechanical components in modern machines

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    Hi guys

    I would like to know, what are the basic mechanical components in modern machines?

    I am not referring to bolts, fasteners or gears, I'm more asking in a level of differentials in automobiles, power shaft, so on so forth.

    because I am sure automobiles,aircrafts, missiles, they all have these basic mechanical components that drives them and allow them to operate in different environment, my goal is to become familiar with all these components, so I will be able to see the function of different parts when I open up a machine.

    thank you
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    It's highly dependent on the machine you're looking at. Sure, some components are common like power shafts, but an internal combustion engine is way different than a jet engine, which is also different than a rocket (missile), so even that doesn't help. I would look up the components of the machine you want to open up and get an understanding from that.
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    I see, thank you for your help!
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