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Design of a machine/ machine component

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    I have an assignment for which I have to design a machine component (or structure) of my choice after estimating the loads that may arise on normal use. We are expected to use the things we have learnt in our Machine Design course like design of clutches, brakes, shafts,couplings,power screws, bolted and riveted joints, gears, belt drives, chain drives etc.
    The only thing that comes to my mind are automobile related components like automobile transmission, but these ideas will be common amongst my mates.
    Can you please suggest some ideas for a component, preferably non automobile?
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    Maybe some sort of trailer? It could include a winch for some purpose, or it could have a tilting back mechanism like a dump truck...

    You could make a hand-guided forklift thing, and use battery power to move it...
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    how about an excavator bucket?
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    Thanks. Will look into it.
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