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Homework Help: Basic topology proof of closed interval in R

  1. Jan 23, 2013 #1
    Let [tex] \{ [a_j, b_j]\}_{j\in J} [/tex] be a set of (possibly infinitely many closed intervals in R whose intersection cannot be expressed as a disjoint union of subsets of R. Prove that [tex] \bigcup\limits_{j \in J} {\{ [{a_j},{b_j}]\} }[/tex] is a closed interval in R.

    I dont understand how to attack this, and would appreciate an example or a push in the right direction! This is the first proof exercise I'd had in this course and I'm pretty lost.
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    I think your problem statement is incomplete. Every subset of R can be expressed as a disjoint union of sets. I think the problem needs to say disjoint union of some particular kind of sets. What kind?
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