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BBKGY equations of kinetic theory

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    Are there any good books to understand the BBKGY equations of kinetic theory?
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    Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, by Radu Balescu
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    In the context of plasma physics I really like the treatment in "introduction to plasma theory" by Nicholson. Check your library, as it has been out of print for awhile.

    Liboff's "Kinetic Theory" (2nd edition in 1998, a newer 3rd edition is out, too) isn't bad, either.
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    Thanks for all your reply. I am a kinetic theory junkie.
    I am half way through in Liboff, but now am switching to Huang, because you said it is shorter, and I also find that it can lead to Boltzmann equation immediately.
    'BBKGY' is so hard to spell! And I cannot even pronounce those Russian names.
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    I have found a very good book on the introduction to BBKGY: <Statistical Physics of Particles> by Mehran Kardar.
    In one breath (chapter) he/she explained Liouville's theorem, ensemble average, derived the BBKGY equations, which are used to prove the Boltzmann equation and hydrodynamics in a very clear manner.
    I finally understood the BBKGY.
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