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Becoming a Physicist/Graduate School

  1. Nov 13, 2013 #1
    Hello! I just recently signed up and had a question I was wondering if anyone could help with. I am currently in undergrad studying Music Industry. I started my schooling career in Physics but after a few bad decisions found myself where I am now. That being said I was wondering if anyone could recommend some sources in order for me to self teach myself Physics. Also I was wondering if I would have any chance of attending graduate school in Physics and what steps I should take if that was an option. Thank you for any feedback you could possibly have!
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    There's a very good chance that you will not be able to attend grad school simply by self-teaching. I mean, would you let someone perform surgery on you whose qualification is based on just self-teaching?

    If you stick with your "music industry" study, there will be nothing in your academic transcript that indicates that you have the qualification to do physics. Period.

    I have previously indicated some self-analysis that someone with a degree that's different than physics should do before attempting to apply for a graduate program in physics. You might want to consider trying it.


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    Thank you for the response! I have a brief basic knowledge in Physics with Modern Thermo and Electricity. The link was very helpful!
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    Hi ZapperZ,

    Is there any guide for self-study for Physics for preparation for Physics course(Bachelor Degree/Master) in future? I have already take the subject General Physics 1 & General Physics 2 before. Thanks.
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