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Homework Help: Beer related physics, for a undergraduate project

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    hey all, im not using the template, bc this isnt a standard problem.

    im doing a few beer related physics tricks for my phy 252 research project at Arizona State, and I need help with one in general.

    Why does, when you hit two beer bottles together (one on top of the other) the bottom one overflows? Now I know that the CO2 is released when the beer hits the bottom of the bottle, causing a jump in pressure, but i really want to know why. I need an equation here, not PV=nRT or W=p(V2-V1) or any of the regular thermodynamics equations. I need something specific, and ive been racking my brain trying to figure it out but i cant. Secondly another thing that i need more help explaning is why doesnt the top bottle release pressure, shouldnt there be enough vibrations between the gas molecules to have the same effect?

    Thanks guys!
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