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Python Beginning Python, cf dedicated calculator package

  1. Nov 24, 2015 #1
    I am no programmer but I want to learn for personal development.

    so physicsy type guys recommended Python. I downloaded it and have been playing.

    my goals for programming are three;

    1. learn to code just for fun

    2. do calculations and numerical calculations

    3. input data from transducers, process it and do something with processed data, particularly filtering.

    I have used mathematica, maple and matlab before, to do calculations but not for interfacing with experimental data.

    before I invest a bunch of time into Python can experienced users give their opinion if it is a good choice in light of my stated goals and / or offer any better solutions.

    thanks any advice.
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    I have just started to learn Python myself. From what I can tell, Python has become very popular, in part because of the math and numerics libraries that are available (numpy and scipy for two). Based on the goals you list, I would recommend spending some time getting familiar with Python.
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    Sounds encouraging, thanks.
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