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Behind the border off the universe

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    If general physics not will do, I tell my you my idea here..

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    I would say that litespeed should be the 'zero point'

    ...since its the fastest thing there is...then it should become ZERO.

    Everything should be measured in relation to this zero...

    I have been trying to connect 'Awareness' and the speed of lite for sometime...but have not been successful. :frown:

    ...I will continue the thought experiments :devil:
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    If 'awareness' and light are one and the same...then time may not exsist
    at all...

    This borders on Mytical...but I think I can get away with it down here in the philosophy section...


    PS:Did U factor in the time it would take to accellarate to 80% of litespeed?...it may take several yrs
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    I try to explain that we are moving with lightspeed tru time. The accelaration to get there is not a big problem. If an object falls with 10km/sec2 it will take only a few day's to reach te speed of light ( sory that I can not tell you exactly how much time, a person good in math could help me with this). The object itself will thing it is weightless. Try to sea earth as a big falling object in space, light is just leaving us as a trail.
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    if we r moving with litespeed thru time...then we are time itself...

    which in turn becomes timelessness

    it cancels itself....

    physics falls head first into the void of philosophy...
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    i read if u were to walk off into a black hole and i were to watch u do this...u would appear to stop....but from u'r end u would have fallen into the black hole...

    Time/Gravity and Light seem to be tricksters of the brain...

    All I can understand is the closer a body comes to lite speed...time comes to a stop

    I have yet to understand all the details...about gravity and what not..
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    You should try Indpendent reserach instead of philosphy
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    Tom Mattson

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    No you won't.
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