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I Bernoulli vs Energy Conservation?

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    untitled.jpg In the example, is it possible to have same velocities at the two ends of the tube? How would you construct energy conversation equation?
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    Why would you expect mechanical energy to be conserved if there is any turbulence involved? Same velocities doesn't imply no energy loss.
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    The problem statement does say "frictionless... flow."
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    It is shown right in the solution they gave. If you look at their final equation, it's just F = ma.
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    Yes it is indeed frictionless. Therefore, when normal energy equation constructed the KE1=KE2(Since it says that velocities are the same). However, how is this physically possible? And question gives a changing velocity profile(not a constant velocity).
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    If you take the transient 1D momentum equation and integrate between the two ends of a control volume in which the velocity within the control volume is changing with time (and possibly position), you get the ordinary Bernoulli terms plus a term involving the rate of change of momentum with time within the control volume. See the PDF at Unsteady Bernoulli Equation - MIT OpenCourseWare that can be reached by googling transient Bernoulli equation.
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