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Best book on exercises of Special Relativity

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    I'm learning special relativity with a book which doesn't include any exercises:cry:. Can anyone suggest me a book which includes - many - exercises (only) about SR (eventually with GR) ? Oh, and, with solutions !

    Thank you.
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    Resnick - "Introduction to Special Relativity"
    French - "Special Relativity"
    Both of these are solid introductory level texts and have a lot of exercises.

    Rindler - "Introduction to Special Relativity"
    This one is slightly more advanced, although it begins from basics. I found the exercises to be more challenging compared to other books.
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    Click the pic. Extensive exercises with full solutions (but only in this particular edition).
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    Thank you for your answers ;-). If you also know websites where professors uploaded some PDF files, don't hesitate to share.
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    Google "spacetime physics 1971"
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