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Best degree for MSc Aerospace Engineering

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    As from next year, I will be attending university. At this point in time I am studying Pure Mathematics and Physics at A-level. The way I see it right now is that once I get a degree I wish to do a Masters in Aerospace engineering. My question is, what would be the best degree to get so that afterwards I get a Msc aerospace engineering and why? I was thinking either Bsc in mathematics and physics, electrical engineering or electronics engineering.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you are that sure you are going to do an aerospace masters, then the best bet is to do a BSc/BE in aerospace. This will get you very specialised, but if you know you want to go down the aerospace path, that is what you want. If you want a more general degree, so you have more options to fall back on, do a BSc/BE in mechanical engineering. It's the most related degree to aeronautics, but opens up a whole lot of paths to you as well.
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    Well, to start with, the university in my country does not offer Aerospace Engineering, that's why I plan to do it as a masters. And no, i'm not 100% sure, i might end up doing nanoelectronics engineering instead. I just wish to know whether a bsc math and physics or a bsc in electrical/electronics engineering will give me a better background for such a subject
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    Ah in that case I would definitly reccomend mechanical engineering. Your other ideas wouldn't be bad either, but from general consensus (similar questions have been asked before) says mechanical engineering would give you both the most related degree to aerospace, but also the broadest degree to get a job with. If you can't do mechanical, then go for electronics engineering.
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