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Best introductory self-learning physics guide?

  1. Sep 14, 2013 #1
    Hi, what would be some of the best self-learning University physics introductor materials, books, (perhaps online video courses) you could recommend? I’ve been looking through the “physics learning materials” where I found some great pdf files/notes, but what would be great is if there actually were a complete course with accompanying books, videos/lectures and homework assignments for each lecture (The complete pack). So the complete (well explained – easy to understand) theory + video +homework (with solutions).
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    "University Physics with Modern Physics" by Young and Freedman is the best book in physics ive seen. It starts from basics works up to modern physics. following the chapters and the explainations problem solving and then solving the questions. it makes you a phenomenal physicist (bach level) if you follow everything i recommend it.
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    Thank you, I'll get myself a copy of that. That's actually the one the physicists read at my university (I study biology). I also learned about edX today, An amazing free online university course with homework and everything.
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