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Schools Best physics university for undergrad?

  1. Jul 20, 2009 #1
    I know this forum is for grad school, but which are the top few colleges for undergrad physics? Im also looking forward to learning quantum mechanics, the layman books just intrigue me! Which colleges teach that topic well?
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    Welcome to PF mvkfalcon! The forum for not only graduates, but people of all ages interested in the sciences!

    Undergrad quantum mechanics is pretty standard. You're not going to want to base your decision off who teaches one of many classes well. I can't really tell you which are the best undergrad institutes, but definitely see QM as just one class out of probably a dozen or so you'll end up taking and not something to base your decision on.
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    I see, thanks! Which colleges have a strong physics education then? I intend to apply to the US colleges.
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    I'm a big fan of David Griffiths' books (his books are widely used in undergraduate education), and I remember looking him up. He is at http://academic.reed.edu/physics/" [Broken].
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    For undergrad, work hard and go to a respectable university that is CHEAP...

    grad school is much more important and unless you get into a real top notch school (caltech, princeton, etc.) and even then unless you get good FA there is no reason to not spend thousands less and go to a state school..

    But look for scholarships early, and do good work...
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    I've got a feeling that the best place for undergrad physics education is wherever you're inspired to work hard and enjoy physics. Its not an objective quality inherent to the schools.
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